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April 26, 2023


We see them all over the world: children in war zones. For the children of Gaza, too, there is le7ally and figuratively no way out. They zi7en beside their dead mother or brother, their houses have been bombed and sometimes they are pulled out from under the rubble injured. They are on the run, but to where? There is hunger, thirst, the noise of planes and bombs and there is the fear. They are two or seven, they are 10 or 15. They are trying to survive the violence and death that surrounds them. There are many of them, as half of the 2.3 million people in Gaza are under 16.



In this chaos, the theatre-makers are still at work; in the overcrowded schools, in the reception camps of Rafah, Khan Younis and Deir el Balah, or just on the streets. They sit in a circle and let the children and young people speak. Or play when words fall short. In this way, they create a place where grief, loss and fear are shared. A place where sometimes there is laughter and everyone supports each other. Where children can relax and remember what it is like to be a child. If only for a moment ...

They are the theatre-makers of Ayyam Al Masrah (Theatre Day Productions), founded by Jackie Lubeck and Jan Willems and now under the artistic direction of Rafat Alaydi and Mohammed Hissi. They are the theatre friends of many Dutch theatre makers, who have also worked at the theatre in Gaza City. And even though that theatre has been destroyed, they themselves are homeless and caring for their families, they continue to work.

And they need support!



Help Theatre Day Productions by donating via the QR code.


We, companies, theatres and makers from across the breadth of the Dutch performing arts, admire the courage of these makers and understand better than anyone how important their work is for children. Especially now. We hope that ceasefire will come soon and the long road of reconstruction can begin. Right now, we are focusing on acute relief. That is why we are starting an action to make it possible for the Palestian creators to continue their healing work and workshops. And should the war end, our help and solidarity in reconstruction will also be invaluable.

From 19 February, many companies will launch initiatives to support these makers and inspire their audiences to do the same. We will organise readings of Palestinian plays, benefit performances, public actions at performances and online actions to 'adopt' a maker. Each company chooses its own form. The aim is to raise as much money as possible. The money is deposited in Theatre Day Productions' account in the Netherlands and we guarantee that every penny gets to the makers in Gaza and thus to the children of Gaza.


The action started from youth performing arts, but now makers

from drama, dance, opera, music are joining. It is needed!

For our colleagues there, but especially for the children of Gaza.



Signed by:

1. TheaterArtemis
2. De Toneelmakerij
3. Het Laagland
4. HNTjong
5. Sonnevanck
6. Het HoutenHuis
7. De BonteHond
8. De Horde
9. Ministerie van Onverrichte zaken

10. Max Tak
11. De Gasten
12. De Dansers
13. De Stilte
14. Het International Danstheater

15. SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht

16. Holland Opera
17. Het Nationale Theater

18. Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

19. Theater Oostpool
20. Toneelgroep Maastricht
21. Het Zuidelijk Toneel
22. Theater Utrecht
23. Orkater
24. 10 Children
25. TDP Nederland
26. De Krakeling
27. Jonge Harten Festival

28. Theaterbureau STIP

29. Theaterbureau Frontaal
30. Via Rudolphi
31. Pleintheater Amsterdam.
32. De Schuur Haarlem
33. Theater Bellevue
34. Jeugdtheater Hofplein

35. Theatermakerij Enschede

36. Theatergroep SubSub

37. Amsterdamse Jeugdtheaterschool

38. Theaterhuis

39. Jeugdtheaterschool Zuid Oost

40. Jeugdtheaterschool Utrecht
41. Cie sQueezz
42. De Nieuwe Oost en Theater a/d Rijn

43. Jakop Ahlbom Company

44. Likeminds
45. Feikes Huis
46. Warme Winkel
47. Schippers en Van Gucht
48. Dood Paard
49. Toneelgroep Jan Vos
50. Bijlmerpark Theater

51. Musicalmakers

52. Theatergezelschap Female Economy

53. Mads Wittermans Producties

54. 2Turvenhoog
55. Wunderbaum
56. Nicole Beutler Projects 57.VeenFabriek
58. Rose Stories
59. Tafel van Vijf Muziektheater
60. De Theatertroep
61. Stichting Marjolein van Heemstra

62. Troupe Courage
63. PStheater

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