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Having told many stories of others, it is time for Troupe Courage to tell their own story to Dutch audiences. In the coming years, Troupe Courage will develop a series of solos about the motley crew of individuals they are.
Katrien van Beurden and Alaa Shehada are the first members to tell their stories.  Human stories that are now more urgent than ever to be made and played.
These solos will eventually be part of 'the Troupe Courage Show'. An imaginary circus, which is an ode to survivors. They travel around with the most hilarious, exciting and moving stories, and on the spot they elicit stories from the audience about how people live and survive in today's world.

Alaa solo


2024 (English spoken, Arabic on request)

Solo Katrien van Beurden.jpg


2024 (Dutch spoken, English on request)

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